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IRVINE'S COFFEE EVENING - Church Hall Warton 1st June 2017 7pm-8.30pm

Raffle, Bottle Tombola, Cakes, Good-as-New

Admission 50p all proceeds in aid of St Oswald's Restoration Fund


Answers below to the 'Rock and Stone' Quiz

1. This opener might give access to a hard rock of some value when polished   (5)                           AGATE                    

2. Could be used as a kid’s toy if well rounded      (6)                                                                           MARBLE                                 

3. Common and extrusive but gives a degree of seasoning (6)                                                           BASALT

4. Old lady sets off for Aberdeen’s city stone   (7)                                                                                                GRANITE

5. Key to the translation of ancient texts   (7,5)                                                                                    ROSETTA STONE

6. Try as you might it just won’t wash! (4,5)                                                                                        SOAP STONE

7. Sedimentary rock currently generating gas and lots of hot air   (5)                                                 SHALE

8. Destined to be more than a heavy weight cake for Scots (5,2,5)                                                     STONE OF SCONE

9. Worth much more than 1p if I phrase it differently   (8)                                                                  SAPPHIRE

10. Antipodean and infamous tourist destination    (5,4)                                                                     AYRES ROCK

11. Indian take away or part of a regal diadem    (3,1,4,7)                                                                  KOH I NOOR DIAMOND

12. Two Old Boys create “volcanic glass”   (8)                                                                                      OBSIDIAN

13. Though connected by ants and pants the sharp taste gives their formation away   (9)                                LIMESTONE

14. The Mayflower set off from here    (8,4)                                                                                        PLYMOUTH ROCK

15. Italian Mountains or calcium magnesium carbonate either way take your pick   (9)                    DOLOMITES

16. Kiss this for the “gift of the gab”     (7,5)                                                                                        BLARNEY STONE

17. Really black and could fly over a seaside resort with Bram Stoker connections    (6,3)                                WHITBY JET 

18. Easily split to make early pay day loans    (5)                                                                                  SLATE

19. A metamorphic rock but you won’t get the first half in a pint pot (9)                                           QUARTZITE

20. The Pilgrims in 14. Sailed round this lighthouse on this famous outcrop   (9,5)                            EDDYSTONE ROCKS

21. Which Stone local to the above used for many of London’s finest buildings   (8)                         PORTLAND

22. Craftsmen claim this to be the State of the world’s best sharpening stone  (8)                           ARKANSAS

23. Rollers or tongs fair game for these stones    (7)                                                                           CURLING 

24. Pennine material at the business end of flour production   (9,4)                                                   MILLSTONE GRIT 

25. Volcanic rock of great versatility even in the bathroom  (7)                                                           VOID_  _  _  _  _  _  _ 

26. Sounds heavy but you might find it attractive   (9)                                                                         LODESTONE    

27. Yorkshire’s world famous site of animal shaped and balancing stones   (7,5)                                              BRIMHAM ROCKS

28. The MacDonalds should have been more alert at this Glencoe historical location   (6,4)             SIGNAL ROCK

29. A hold up on the bridge, a bit late to call this constabulary division   (8.4)                                    KEYSTONE COPS 

30. Elton’s snappy song literally qualifies   (9,4)                                                                                   CROCODILE ROCK 

31. If you got the one above, you may feel like holding hands and…………   (8,6)                                 SKIMMING STONES 

32. Born in January you might share the same birthstone as Alf   (6)                                                  GARNET   

33. Meaning “blue stone” in a Latin/ Arabic combination    (5,6)                                                        LAPIS LAZULI

34. Name of a musical instrument made from Lakeland stone   (10)                                                  LITHOPHONE

35. Main rock of the Black Cuillin – invitation to chat to a short relative?    (6)                                  GABBRO   

36. Premium quality of what was brought in doors in a scuttle   (10)                                                 ANTHRACITE

37. 360 degree ancient monument close to Keswick   (10,5,6)                                                            CASTLERIGG STONE CIRCLE 

38.” I just came down from the Isle of Skye” leaving this philibeg near Trotternish   (4,4)                                KILT ROCK

39. These sparklers were ocean colours when a wet season meant quagmire     (10,9)                    AQUAMARINE GEMSTONES

40. Finally you would have gone Barbary ape if this outpost of Empire was not included  (4,2,9)    ROCK OF GIBRALTAR 

Stone and the odd Rock Quiz

Many Thanks to all who contributed and took part in the Quiz. I hope you enjoyed testing your brains and investigative skills

and I am pleased to say three people were only one question away from perfection and having three different wrong answers.

I decide to mark out of 39 and void question 25 as it was pointed out that there was believed to be an error in Q25 which I,

the compiler conceded was just that. The answer call for a 7 letter word not the 6 letter I intended ( I was looking for pumice)

which can be spelled with 7 letter derivatives but not what I had on my answer sheet, sorry for the additional brain strain.

I can also assure the one or two people who put in the 6 letter version that it didn’t elevate them in to the top three but well tried.


The proceeds have been paid into the St Oswald’s Restoration Fund for the ongoing preservation of the ancient building.


Of the sheets received by Easter Sunday the three joint best entries with 38 correct were drawn in St Oswald’s Church during the

 service  Fr. Iain Rennie. Given the above, I decided to add a third prize of £5.00 with the following results –


 1st      Malcolm Brown,  Warton  £20.00

2nd      Wendy Lyth,  Crag Bank         £10.00

3rd      Robert Midgeley,  Carnforth      £5.00


Once again Many thanks to all participants and well done the winners.


Ian Rosindale