I'm New Here!

I’m new here………………..

If you’re new to our church, we want you to feel welcomed and at home.

Our church family is made up of people of all ages and backgrounds, of all Christian traditions and of none. We do not place any expectations on you, and we do not expect you to “sign up” to everything Christians believe in order to find a welcome here.

We are all seekers! Pilgrims on a journey! We are a people who worship God together and who seek to nurture each other. Anyone is welcome here.

If you’ve come from a church background you will probably find both similarities and differences with what you’ve been used to. If there is anything you want to ask about, please feel free to do so!

If you’ve come from no church background at all, then you may well find things a bit strange….the language, the drama of the service (liturgy), but hopefully not the people!

As you come into church you will find people at the back (we call them “Sidespeople”) who will welcome you and give you the books and papers you need for the service. Please try to follow the service book. On a Sunday, the scripture readings for the day are on our weekly notice sheet.

Most of our services are the Eucharist. Some churches call this Mass, or Holy Communion. Jesus, on the night before he died, shared a special meal with his disciples, he offered bread and wine, blessed it and shared it, and told them to do this to remember him and to celebrate their presence with them. And so, throughout the Church’s history, this special meal, the Eucharist, has been at the heart of the churches worship. We believe that, as we remember Jesus, and celebrate all that he has done, and as we offer the gifts of bread and wine, they become in a special way that we can never fully explain, the body and blood of Christ. That as we receive these special gifts we feed on the very life of Jesus Christ. God put’s his life into our lives. If you do not usually receive the bread and wine in Holy Communion, you are welcome to come forward for a prayer of blessing when you see people approach the altar at the front of the church.

We always listen to readings from the Scriptures. We believe that God speaks to us through the bible and its message is timeless. There is often a sermon which seeks to help us to make sense of what we’ve heard in the scripture readings.
There is singing too, mainly hymns, but also some other parts of the service are sung. At Warton we have a strong choral tradition, and our choir lead the singing. Please do join in, and enjoy a good sing, even if you think you can’t!

There is usually a time of prayer, when we bring to God our own needs, hopes and thanksgivings for the Church, the world and for people in need and people who have died. If you have individual prayers you want to offer, or people and situations  you want to pray for or thank God for, you might find it helpful to light a candle as a sign of your prayers. The candle says what you want to say, for God knows what is in your heart.

There is often a collection, and any money put on the plate is used for the work of the church. We feel that our offering of money is part of offering ourselves to God as we try (but often fail!) to live as the people God wants us to be.
Posture is something to get used to….standing….sitting….kneeling to pray if you wish to…….please don’t be phased, just follow what others are doing.

After the services there is usually the opportunity to mix and socialise over coffee. We hope you will stay and meet others.

Worship is the most important thing the church does. We give time to God because we think he’s worth it! Some of it might feel very strange at first, and you might not understand all that’s going on, but we that it helps you to feel that you are part of something very special.

If there is anything you want to know, please ask the clergy who will be pleased to try to help.