Service times at St John's Church - for other services go to the benefice 'home' page and select other churches -

The Parish Eucharist is on Sundays at 9.15am. Any children are welcome to enjoy our activities on Sunday mornings and there is a Sunday School on the third Sunday of each month. Coffee and biscuits (and sometimes cake) are served afterwards.

On Wednesday mornings at 9.15am there is a quiet, simple service of Holy Communion followed by coffee and chat.

Other Sacramental Ministry:

The Parish Priest will gladly arrange Holy Communion at home or in hospital for anyone who is sick or housebound.

The sacrament of anointing for those who are sick is available to all who seek it.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession and Absolution) is available in accordance with the provision of the church of England for any who wish to make use of it. Please contact the Parish Priest for an appointment.

Those wishing to explore the possibility of Baptism, Confirmation or Marriage, please  contact the Parish Priest.

The Revd Fr Damian Porter 01524 732946